• Moving to Github Pages

    I’ve recently moved this blog over to GitHub Pages as I was finding Blogger too bloated for what I wanted. I was already very familiar with GitHub so the move was relatively straight forward and thanks to Jekyll and the import tool for Blogger sites all content came with the move.

  • Top 5 Sublime Plugins

    Sublime Text is a hugely popular text editor targeting the developer community. One of the most powerful features is the rich plugin ecosystem which has grown and thrived in recent years.

  • Achieving Consistency

    One of the more challenging aspects of managing a team of developers is maintaining standards and style of coding. It may seem trivial but even small things like an individual developer’s tab setting can quickly lead to check-in chaos and code review hell.

  • The saga behind becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident!

    After months of waiting we finally received our Canadian Permanent Residency this week!  We read countless forum posts trying to work out the expected timelines but in the end none of them were particularly accurate.  For anyone going through the same process my advice would be to stay patient and know that it is coming despite a lack of updates; don’t read too much into the panicky forum posts you’ll find around the net. Also, double and triple check all of your forms.  We had some friends that got forms sent back for being incomplete and that really seems to delay your application.  For reference our time line was as follows:

  • Troubleshooting LiveCycle Workbench Compatibility errors

    I’ve come across a problem a few times using Workbench when trying to connect to servers only to be told I can’t because there is a version number mismatch (even though both Workbench and the server are at the same service pack level).  One way around this temporarily (if you know the versions are the same but for some reason the server version is being reported incorrectly) is to disable the compatibility check in Workbench:

  • Setting up WebLogic as a Windows Service

    A common requirement when dealing with any application server install on Windows is to set it up as a Windows service.  It’s a bad idea to rely on the command line for running the server as it makes it far harder to administer.

  • JS Libraries

    Below is a list of libraries I’ve come across which in all my reading and investigation recently into HTML5 / JS which should come in handy.  More of a “remember these for later” post:

  • Vertical clustering in LiveCycle ES3

    Quick note for future reference: the document for ES2 ( explains how to change the necessary ports in order to get a vertical JBoss cluster up and running.  In ES3 (and therefore JBoss 5) the paths for a number of the ports has changed:

  • AJAX Style file uploads using an iFrame

    I was recently trying to solve a strange issue with Internet Explorer 8 (it’s always IE…) on redirecting the user after successfully uploading a file.  Couldn’t use HTML5’s FileUpload API as we had to be able to support older browsers but what we wanted was AJAX style in place uploads without having to redirect users back to the page after they had uploaded a file.

  • Working with lists

    This is more a note to remind me in future but when dealing with lists in LiveCycle it can sometimes be a little tricky to just keep adding to a list without creating a loop.  An easy way to do this within one set value step is to use the collection size to determine the index for adding something to the list.

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