Sublime Text is a hugely popular text editor targeting the developer community. One of the most powerful features is the rich plugin ecosystem which has grown and thrived in recent years.

Before you get started with any of these stop and install Sublime Package Control.  This is the essential first step after installing Sublime Text. It makes installing and managing all other plugins a breeze. Below are my top 5 which I recommend to all of my teams:

  • SublimeLinter: Lint support for Sublime to show in-line and summary reports
  • SublimeLinter-jshint: As most of my work is JavaScript based this one is essential. Ties in with your project .jshintrc file to give in-line error and warning highlighting
  • EditorConfig: Auto-sets your indentation and line ending preferences to match the .editorconfig file in your current project. Not using EditorConfig in your projects? Check out my previous post on consistency for more information
  • BracketHighlighter: Highlights your brackets and tags making it easier to see where they close (or don’t!)
  • HTML5: A bundle containing lots of useful snippets for code completion when writing HTML

Depending on which project or language/framework being used I also tend to recommend the corresponding bundle (e.g. AngularJS bundle, KnockoutJS etc.). There are plenty of other plugins to help make Sublime Text the best editor I’ve used so far. I’m keeping an eye on the Atom editor which is looking interesting but it’s going to take a lot to move me away from Sublime.